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Beer & Nonsense

Aug 22, 2019

Prairie Bomb!, the monster imperial stout brewed with coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and chili peppers, is a modern classic. It has won over fans with it's rich complexity and formidable strength, and its posse is ever-growing. Variants of the beer, like Christmas Bomb!, Birthday Bomb!, and Pirate Bomb! 

As a special treat for us Bomb! fans, Prairie has taken the base imperial stout recipe that is responsible for all variants and created separate beers each featuring one of the four key spices that make up the "fully constructed" Bomb!: Chilis, Cocoa, Coffee, and Vanilla. This series of "single spice" Bomb's is collectively known as Deconstructed Bomb!


NFL Deconstruction -  While we enjoy the 4-pack, Christian takes on a deconstructive journey through the NFL's divisions. 

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Enjoy the episode!


Christian, Thad, & Kevin