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Beer & Nonsense

Dec 9, 2022

Brandon (owner/brewer at Niles Brewing Co.) heard someone was talking sh*@ about Niles Brewing Co. Well you hav to listen to see what happened. We (Christian, Thad & Uncle Dave) discuss happenings at Niles Brewing Co. like their 2nd Year Anniversary, social district, theme nights and the beer… ooooohhhh, the beer. We break down three new stouts. Root Beer Float, Neapolitan, Vini Fudge, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Listen to our reviews and find out who our favorite all time wrestling tag team is. 

SHOUT OUT to our sponsors: South Bend Brew Werks, Studebaker Brewing Co., E Brewing Co. & Niles Brewing Co.

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