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Beer & Nonsense

Mar 19, 2021

Christian & Thad pay tribute to the big basketball tournament for colleges that is back in 2021. We decide to do our own tournament of champions with beer. The first ever mBR Fight Flight Beer Bracket. Shout Out Cousin Danny for the idea of a flight fight. We pop into Hop Station Craft Beer Bar, Indiana's #1 Craft Beer Bar, and have the owners/beer experts Casey & DJ Stuber pick out a flight of their favorite beers that they have on tap. This is only 8 beers, two fights, of the 30+ craft beers on tap at Hop Station. We set them up head-to-head and vote for the winner. If Christian & Thad can't pick the winner we go to a tie break from Assistant Brewers Uncle Dave & Patrick (MEGA President). Fid who is the champion... of the world or mBR.

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