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Beer & Nonsense

Oct 25, 2019

"Can we just skip this one?" That's the question Kevin keeps asking on this episode. It's Halloween Season so let's get to the ghost episode!!! Personal ghost stories, haunted houses, and of course nonsense!

We enjoy some very nice "BOOOOOze", as Christian would say!

Featured Beers From:

Breckenridge Brewery


Oct 18, 2019

Here we go again! Another trip down the rabbit hole. Don't worry we put our disclaimer out again that we pretty much know nothing about the topics we discuss.

We feature Jammy Pants from Great Notion Brewing out of Portland, Oregon. 

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Oct 11, 2019

Today's episode is all nonsense! We enjoy some good beer and good conversations. Today we feature 18th Street Brewing, Perrin Brewing, and Bell's. We get some good questions in our "Advice From Drinking Guys" segment. 

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Oct 4, 2019

Today we start our journey into the weird world of the unknown. We do a light "space dusting" around the subjects of Moon landing, Area 51, and personal UFO experiences. We also ask the questions:

Did we land on the moon in 1969?

Is Elon Musk and alien?

What the hell is a UAP?....

We answer them all and prove once and...